OHMYGOD - GRANDO (Released 7/16/2019)

OHMYGOD (Gypsy Mamba & Esqu) releases their second album 'GRANDO' here on Beat Cinema. Take a listen and immerse yourself in the electronic depths provided by the two.

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🏆 “The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: July 2019”

Wood Ox - Imaginary Throne (Released 12/7/18)

Wood Ox is a captivating fusion of blistering beats and live instrumentation by the husband and wife duo Anthony and Sumandhi Fox. The group delivers sparkling hip hop and electronic productions paired with a variety of instruments such as U-Bass, drum kit and viola. Wood Ox explores the nexus of rhythm-heavy genres such as 90s hip hop, jazz, world music and more to bring audiences into an elevated yet deep-down funky state.

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🏆 “Best Mixtapes of the Week: Mixtape Monday 2018”

Beat Cinema - 9th Anniversary Compilation (Released 9/5/18)

In celebration of our 9th year anniversary we bring you the next chapter in the Beat Cinema sound. We are a team of individual creators that aim to create a home for our beat community. When people say what does Beat Cinema sound like? we'd like to describe it as hybrid concoction of different people from diverse backgrounds.

BUeLLER - MAGGIE(lost) (Released 7/31/2018)

The Canadian native Bueller releases his seventh album with Beat Cinema and its some of his most prolific work yet. Maggie(lost) is an eclectic twelve track album with styles varying from R&B, soul, jazz, hip hop and features a slurry of French-Canadian singers and rappers.
The 33 year old Montreal based producer and art director began producing music at 16 but by then he had a breadth of music knowledge; from a choral background to listening to his father’s unending jazz collection.

AMBIEN MOON by EAROH (Released 7/20/2018)

‘Ambien Moon’ is the debut full-length album from Los Angeles based DJ/Producer earoh. Recorded over a three week span while travelling through New Zealand’s South Island, much of this album was pieced together on the go, with field recordings stitched together from different phones, like the cavernous water noises on “Unsafe,” or the droned out, dusty organ on “Zaddi.” 

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🏆 “The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: July/August 2018”


TEMPEST by wave Groove (Released 5/15/18)

wave Groove (Westley Ulit) has been releasing a lot more music over the past year. After incorporating an iPad into his set up, on which he frequents Polyplayground (an isomorphic keyboard midi app by Mike Gao) beat making became a discipline he could take anywhere. With that flexibility came more songs, more albums, and a burgeoning crew of loyal listeners. 
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In the February edition of this column, I mentioned Beat Cinema, the weekly club night for beat scene devotees housed inside Tokyo Beat, a small karaoke bar in L.A.’s downtown neighborhood of Little Tokyo. Sadly, Beat Cinema’s residency is now on indefinite hiatus. Following noise complaints from a nearby computer gaming arcade (you read that correctly), Tokyo Beat must obtain a live music permit before the collective of DJs/producers can return. In the interim, you can approximate what it feels like to attend by listening to Beat Cinema Resident Compilation.

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🏆 “The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp” 

BAD TIMING by LOW KEY (Released 2/13/18)

At only 17, Cordon McGary, better known by his artist name Low Key, already has four self released albums that have gained him recognition in the Los Angeles beat scene. His now fifth album entitled Bad Timing which will be released February 13, 2018 with Beat Cinema is his best work thus far.


🏆 “The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: February 2018”

PSYCHIC THOUGHTS 2099 by PURPLE BASTARD (Released 1/13/18)


UNDER THE MOON by JERMS (Released 1/9/18)


THE MOUSEY MIXES by V/A (Released 12/19/17)

Remixes by Kanabo Wounds, Bobby Earth, D.M.M., Carbon Stereo X AZZA, Elos, Rhys Langston, Neuropunk X LOS X Bojaq, Rob Bliss & Skullkid.


PROGRESSIONS by DMM (Released 10/31/17)


NOT_MY_ROOM by LEFTY_LOOSEY (Released 8/9/17)


RAP LIFE MAFIA EP by ETTA (Released 7/5/17)


BLOODCLOT by FLOODS (Released 6/7/17)




BATTLE TAPE Vol. 2 by BEAT CINEMA (Released 12/5/16)

Compilation of artists featured in Vol. 10 of the Beat Cinema Beat Battle on Nov. 4th 2016


BATTLE TAPE Vol. 1 by BEAT CINEMA (Released 11/15/15)

This is a compilation of music by artists participating in the Beat Cinema Beat Battle vol. 9 on Nov. 14th 2015