Dirty Merlin

Post Perfect by Dirty Merlin [Dark Magnet Records]

Dirty Merlin’s new 8 track LP, Post Princess, is a beautiful disaster piece that echoes genres from the past such as techno, house, garage, and west coast beats, while still maintaining exploration into unfounded musical territories. Post Perfect is a direct sequel from his last LP Perfect Princess (GRN+GLD). While the last album was written with the same techniques and equipment, Post Perfect has a more matured nature. Thematically, the album is a nihilistic venture into the the disillusionment of the self/princess: nothing is perfect, everything is both light and dark, and we must embrace of the darkness of the world.

All songs produced By Benson Edles except Pandrogyny which features Basico. 
All songs mixed by Dirty Merlin. 
Mastered by Isaac Treece 
Album artwork by 116608 and 4DCOWBOY

Released November 27, 2018 via https://darkmagnetrecords.bandcamp.com/