Time Traveller Vol. 3 : Lost in Time by wave Groove

Lost in Time is a compilation of instrumental beats made from February 2018 to January 2019. 'wave Groove' describes Time Travel as a concept that is born in creativity, "anything we create/express serves as a time stamp to what we are thinking, feeling, and doing at a certain period of time in life". For him, being lost in time meant getting lost in creativity when it is needed the most. 

In Lost in Time you will find an amalgamation of electronic, hip hop, jazz, R&B, and textures, influenced by the culture and sound that resonates with wave Groove. Each song created ties back to family, friends, people, and places that he holds close to his heart and mind.

Released January 30, 2019 via https://wavegroove.bandcamp.com/

Produced by: Westley 'wave Groove' Ulit 
Album cover: Miles West

Two Incantations by Mousey Mcglynn


Never underestimate the power of the sample.  A repurposed, scant phrasing can lead the adventurous into unexplored territory only hinted at in its original form.  With the assistance of Beat Cinema’s Coby, the Irish-born, LA-living Mousey McGlynn unpacks the frosty side of an irresistible ear worm they couldn’t let live in the shadow of its larger origins on Two Incantations, a two track single POW is delighted to premiere today.

Realizing that winter is a good a time as any for spiritual hibernation (in the rejuvenating sense, not in the preparing-to-steal-pic-i-nic-baskets way), Mousey here falls between hypnotic and harrowing, a sound she equates to “a more intense Portishead.” The description is apt, and I have no reason whatsoever to disagree with her assessment.  Opener “Brave” starts with a paranoid loop before MM’s lush vocals creep into the background, growing like audio kudzu until the track seems ready to burst.

B-side “Bitch” lays out a line of grievances over a somber, steadfast piano sample, girlfriend letting you know she’s not taking shit anymore. “They sound crystalline and angular, like snowflakes. I didn’t want to wait a few more months to get an EP or album together. They had to be released in December,” the former Low End (RIP), current Beat Cinema resident related.  Once again, I couldn’t agree more.

Released Dec 3, 2018 via https://www.passionweiss.com/


Post Perfect by Dirty Merlin [Dark Magnet Records]

Dirty Merlin’s new 8 track LP, Post Princess, is a beautiful disaster piece that echoes genres from the past such as techno, house, garage, and west coast beats, while still maintaining exploration into unfounded musical territories. Post Perfect is a direct sequel from his last LP Perfect Princess (GRN+GLD). While the last album was written with the same techniques and equipment, Post Perfect has a more matured nature. Thematically, the album is a nihilistic venture into the the disillusionment of the self/princess: nothing is perfect, everything is both light and dark, and we must embrace of the darkness of the world.

All songs produced By Benson Edles except Pandrogyny which features Basico. 
All songs mixed by Dirty Merlin. 
Mastered by Isaac Treece 
Album artwork by 116608 and 4DCOWBOY

Released November 27, 2018 via https://darkmagnetrecords.bandcamp.com/

Egress by DMM

Collection of dance tracks from 2017 (with the exception of To Russia with love) 
all tracks produced on Novation Circuit and teenage engineering OP-1 

All tracks produced by DMM (with the exception of Kids which was made my 1st-6th graders at Rancho Elementary) 

Artwork by @sleepyshutter

Released November 12, 2018 via https://doormanmike.bandcamp.com/

Omega Melodies by Hieronymus Dub Sounds

Attention: This is music to be enjoyed at a low level. This EP is not a clubbanger! It is an experimental lo-fi flavour release that doesnt contain as much bass as normal music, so please do listen before buying! -HDS presents HDS-006: "Omega Melodies". As opposed to the many options of unrestrained workflow in modern digital DAW production -especially MIDI, my approach to this production was to commit fully to the material on these 3 tracks, and to seek and try out old/new ways of forcing out lots of texture and harmonics thats hidden in the body of the musical content. The process included several recordings to tape on 2 different 1/4 inch tapemachines, -one with sweetsounding FET transistors, -and one very simple consumermodel, that crunches the hi frequencies in a crisp way. When back from tape, to be followed by EFX, careful eq'ing, new layers of synths and sounds and finally towards the end-running the material through 2 different sets of stereo transformer setups, one set of tube output-transformers made in Denmark in the mid 60ies, the other set a hi-end model of high impedance input transformers produced by swedish Lundahl. I hope you will enjoy these 3 pieces of EFX drenched dub textures. I myself prefer to listen to them on (open)headphones, or on loudspeakers on low/moderat volume.

Released November 2, 2018 via https://hieronymusdubsounds.bandcamp.com/music

Humble Pi by Homeboy Sandman & Edan [Stones Throw Records]

addicted-2-booombap these two are a match made in heaven ... this beat is out of this world psychedlic smooth and matches homeboys smooth a$$ demented flow . need a full length in the future ! u know I got that vinyl !Edan needs to trade bars wit sandman more often !Favorite track: The Gut.

Released October 26, 2018 via https://homeboysandmanedan.bandcamp.com/