Omega Melodies by Hieronymus Dub Sounds

Attention: This is music to be enjoyed at a low level. This EP is not a clubbanger! It is an experimental lo-fi flavour release that doesnt contain as much bass as normal music, so please do listen before buying! -HDS presents HDS-006: "Omega Melodies". As opposed to the many options of unrestrained workflow in modern digital DAW production -especially MIDI, my approach to this production was to commit fully to the material on these 3 tracks, and to seek and try out old/new ways of forcing out lots of texture and harmonics thats hidden in the body of the musical content. The process included several recordings to tape on 2 different 1/4 inch tapemachines, -one with sweetsounding FET transistors, -and one very simple consumermodel, that crunches the hi frequencies in a crisp way. When back from tape, to be followed by EFX, careful eq'ing, new layers of synths and sounds and finally towards the end-running the material through 2 different sets of stereo transformer setups, one set of tube output-transformers made in Denmark in the mid 60ies, the other set a hi-end model of high impedance input transformers produced by swedish Lundahl. I hope you will enjoy these 3 pieces of EFX drenched dub textures. I myself prefer to listen to them on (open)headphones, or on loudspeakers on low/moderat volume.

Released November 2, 2018 via

Humble Pi by Homeboy Sandman & Edan [Stones Throw Records]

addicted-2-booombap these two are a match made in heaven ... this beat is out of this world psychedlic smooth and matches homeboys smooth a$$ demented flow . need a full length in the future ! u know I got that vinyl !Edan needs to trade bars wit sandman more often !Favorite track: The Gut.

Released October 26, 2018 via

Stepbacks & Setbacks by Thijsenterprise [Self Released]

Which started as tribute to one of the greatest instrumental hip-hop albums slowly evolved in a devastating breakup record: 

Stepbacks & Setbacks shows Thijsenterprise (Reinier Thijs) his love for old school hip-hop with soul and jazz samples, dusty breaks and raw chops. Started in 2015 in Barcelona, the A-side is inspired by the city and dedicated to Dilla's Donuts, while the B-side deals with much more personal issues: cheating, heartbreak and solitude. This second part was made in Amsterdam during darker days, in the first half of 2017. 

Stepbacks & Setbacks is Thijsenterprise first album as a solo artist, after releasing Je Hebt De Boem En De Klap with the 2-Two Legged Dogs ( earlier in 2018. 

This album is in many ways more than just a beat tape.

Released September 17, 2018 via Thijsenterprise

Pandæmonium by Slugabed [Activia Benz]

Following on from his sort of nihilistic but also maybe kind of apocalyptic Inherit The Earth LP (April 2017), Slugabed’s Pandæmonium EP appears to be the result of him tumbling deeper into his own insides and finding some pretty hellish things. It has a nice front cover, painted by Parker S Jackson. Look him up on the internet! 

Pandæmonium is the Capital City of Hell, according to John Milton’s Epic Poem, Paradise Lost. It is all full of beasts and demons and stuff. It’s AWFUL! But it’s also very well designed (by an architect from Heaven, no less!) and fairly well-run. There’s a nice John Martin painting of Satan, like, presiding at, um, the infernal council. It’s based on Paradise Lost. This EP is about fallen Angels and stuff. Big, grand horridness. The devil in us all, or something. There’s a track called Boney Horse. 

There’s some jazzy bits, sure. There’s some noisy bits, yeah. Overall, a slightly unsettling atmosphere, okay! But it’s also quite a beautiful lil record, and I’m hoping Slugabed has worked through some stuff and feels a bit better. 

Pandæmonium features two remixes from Sluga’s sworn enemies, Kai Whiston & IGLOOGHOST respectively. ALSO A BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE MENTAL REMIX FROM S280F, WOW. 

The EP drops October 12th, on Slugabed’s own Activia Benz imprint, preceding his (mildly less spooky) third LP which is scheduled for um, like, February 2019, I think. 

Released October 12, 2018 via Activia Benz

magicnumber by Uyama HIroto / Segawa Tatsuya [Roph Recordings]

Uyama Hiroto is back with the Nujabes chill vibes with amazing relaxing soul style vocals that are mixed to perfection. -Rekapper

“magicnumber” feat. Marter produced by Uyama Hiroto 
”behind the peak” produced by Segawa Tatsuya

released May 31, 2017 via roph recordings

Spurz - Drifter [Aufect]

Written over the span of a few years and two continents, ‘Drifter’ is the latest work by Spurz, originally from British Columbia, Canada and now based in London, UK. 

‘Drifter’ sees a continued focus on the melancholic bass weight found on last year’s ‘Loud Futures’ LP, with production inspiration from early dub pioneers in a considered stripping-back of elements to allow for more control of aural spaces. 

A key element to Spurz’s sound practice, there’s balance here; unrelenting heaviness leading to ambient-leaning bridges that build up only to fold in on themselves (“Fall in2 Pieces”), alongside medative expeditions that slowly boil into brash abstractions (“I Hear Do Tell”). 

While cues from dubstep, jungle, and footwork can be picked out, ‘Drifter’ sets itself apart with it’s own singular sound, never satisfied to remain in one place for too long.

Released September 21, 2018 via