Natureboy Flako - Theme For A Dream [Self Release]

Following a self-titled EP last year, Dario Rojo Guerra aka Natureboy Flako released his second album ‘Theme For A Dream’ on Five Easy Pieces on 20th July 2018. Exploring the boundaries of music, science and spirituality through a prism of colourfully synthesised-sound, heart-pounding rhythm and cinematic soundtracks; the core essence of ‘Theme For A Dream’ is the exploration of the human inner space, the balance of musical energies and music’s healing capabilities. 

‘Theme For A Dream’ is accompanied by an experimental and interactive website that allows users to preview music while being an immersive, unique multi-sensual 4D experience of its own. Snippets of the music from 'Theme For A Dream' become audio visual poetry and an immersive exploration of state of the art technology and oneself. 

Released July 20, 2018 via

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