Earoh - Ambien Moon [Beat Cinema]

‘Ambien Moon’ is the debut full-length album from Los Angeles based DJ/Producer earoh. Recorded over a three week span while travelling through New Zealand’s South Island, much of this album was pieced together on the go, with field recordings stitched together from different phones, like the cavernous water noises on “Unsafe,” or the droned out, dusty organ on “Zaddi.” 

As an album, ‘Ambien Moon’ utilizes juxtaposition; the tracks often pair heavy low-end against light, drifting melodics, and negative space. This tension works to resemble the split results of chemical imbalances being treated, and not treated, with prescription medication. 

Visual and auditory hallucinations, behavioral changes, dissociation, and depersonalization, disorientation, and aggression are just some of the heavier side-effects associated with withdrawing from anti-anxiety, sedative, or antidepressant prescriptions. But rather than stand as a statement for or against prescription medication, ‘Ambien Moon’ explores the space between pleasant alertness and utter disorientation.

released July 20, 2018 via Beat Cinema