Raiden - Menace [Hallowed Ground Records]

Hallowed Ground Records is proud to announce the latest project by London based producer Raiden, Menace. A dark descent into violence through aggressive and experimental hip hop and grime. 

The EP begins with Reaper, featuring a mangled and distorted folk guitar sample that marches with a rampaging of drum line, looping and slowly dissipating into the more electronic sounds of Kabuki - a turbulent trip through trap and grime. Food is a Swans influenced hip hop track that morphs into a Rachel Sweet based beat. 

The highlight of the piece is Honeymoon / Sicko with swirling and unnerving samples anchored by a harsh dancehall rhythm. The EP ends through an interlude to Door Knocker - a grime number. 

releases June 25, 2018  via Hallowed Ground Records