Omega Melodies by Hieronymus Dub Sounds

Attention: This is music to be enjoyed at a low level. This EP is not a clubbanger! It is an experimental lo-fi flavour release that doesnt contain as much bass as normal music, so please do listen before buying! -HDS presents HDS-006: "Omega Melodies". As opposed to the many options of unrestrained workflow in modern digital DAW production -especially MIDI, my approach to this production was to commit fully to the material on these 3 tracks, and to seek and try out old/new ways of forcing out lots of texture and harmonics thats hidden in the body of the musical content. The process included several recordings to tape on 2 different 1/4 inch tapemachines, -one with sweetsounding FET transistors, -and one very simple consumermodel, that crunches the hi frequencies in a crisp way. When back from tape, to be followed by EFX, careful eq'ing, new layers of synths and sounds and finally towards the end-running the material through 2 different sets of stereo transformer setups, one set of tube output-transformers made in Denmark in the mid 60ies, the other set a hi-end model of high impedance input transformers produced by swedish Lundahl. I hope you will enjoy these 3 pieces of EFX drenched dub textures. I myself prefer to listen to them on (open)headphones, or on loudspeakers on low/moderat volume.

Released November 2, 2018 via