Beat Cinema is a music space born in the Inland Empire with a global reach, focused on music producers performing their art in front of live visuals and enthusiastic crowds. After 9 years, nearly a hundred podcasts deep, and a growing number of artist releases under their belt, the team has grown to be one of, if not thee, top ranking platform in the communal beat scene. Resident OGs Rick GDropdead and DMM join us on Beats of All-Nations Radio 034. They are accompanied by their VJ, Major Gape, who really puts the Cinema in the crew’s name. They collectively takeover the show with their unique sound stylings and own remixes and further discuss their visions with Mike Styles and Gabe Real. Keep up with Beat Cinema events and releases at


Revert Closing Show @ Superchief Gallery

Imaginary Throne by Wood Ox [Beat Cinema]

Wood Ox is a captivating fusion of blistering beats and live instrumentation by the husband and wife duo Anthony and Sumandhi Fox. The group delivers sparkling hip hop and electronic productions paired with a variety of instruments such as U-Bass, drum kit and viola. Wood Ox explores the nexus of rhythm-heavy genres such as 90s hip hop, jazz, world music and more to bring audiences into an elevated yet deep-down funky state. 

Imaginary Throne is an eclectic amalgamation of future funk, Dilla-esque instrumentals and experimental electronic compositions which spans the spectrum of Wood Ox’s creative output since their previous release Uncharted Territory. Analogue synth is the thread of continuity which ties the pieces together into a cohesive collection, while other tracks feature smoldering guitar licks and harmonized vocals. Ranging from early Soulection style vibes to Funkadelic-inspired grooves, the album covers a lot of sonic territory, including a house-inspired jam that gives way to a synthed-out trap chorus. Throughout the sonic journey, however, Wood Ox hold true to their instrumental hip hop roots, delivering a memorable experiences which pushes the boundaries of the genre. 

Released 12/7/18 via Beat Cinema

Two Incantations by Mousey Mcglynn


Never underestimate the power of the sample.  A repurposed, scant phrasing can lead the adventurous into unexplored territory only hinted at in its original form.  With the assistance of Beat Cinema’s Coby, the Irish-born, LA-living Mousey McGlynn unpacks the frosty side of an irresistible ear worm they couldn’t let live in the shadow of its larger origins on Two Incantations, a two track single POW is delighted to premiere today.

Realizing that winter is a good a time as any for spiritual hibernation (in the rejuvenating sense, not in the preparing-to-steal-pic-i-nic-baskets way), Mousey here falls between hypnotic and harrowing, a sound she equates to “a more intense Portishead.” The description is apt, and I have no reason whatsoever to disagree with her assessment.  Opener “Brave” starts with a paranoid loop before MM’s lush vocals creep into the background, growing like audio kudzu until the track seems ready to burst.

B-side “Bitch” lays out a line of grievances over a somber, steadfast piano sample, girlfriend letting you know she’s not taking shit anymore. “They sound crystalline and angular, like snowflakes. I didn’t want to wait a few more months to get an EP or album together. They had to be released in December,” the former Low End (RIP), current Beat Cinema resident related.  Once again, I couldn’t agree more.

Released Dec 3, 2018 via