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Beat Cinema 12th Annual Beat Battle [Full Video]

Thank you for the kind words!! Photos by @sleepyshutter

Beat Cinema is one of the most slept on crew and hosts I've come across. A mind melting experience visually and musically. They cover it all, from Coachella, to After Hours, K town monthly events at Apt 503, to Beat Battles. Beat cinema has been doing this for over a decade and still I find people saying "Ive never been." 

This past Sunday, Beat Cinema hosted their 12th Annual Beat Battle at our good friends over at Chewing Foil Gallery in LA. 20 producers went head to head for the crown and 3 judges from Dome of Doom & Brainfeeder. Big ups to 1st place from Switzerland Lazy Marf, 2nd Doni Jo, and 3rd Jillesque. Keep on the look out for Lazy Marf Obey Records archive mix. Here is a recap of how the night went

Time Traveller Vol. 3 : Lost in Time by wave Groove

Lost in Time is a compilation of instrumental beats made from February 2018 to January 2019. 'wave Groove' describes Time Travel as a concept that is born in creativity, "anything we create/express serves as a time stamp to what we are thinking, feeling, and doing at a certain period of time in life". For him, being lost in time meant getting lost in creativity when it is needed the most. 

In Lost in Time you will find an amalgamation of electronic, hip hop, jazz, R&B, and textures, influenced by the culture and sound that resonates with wave Groove. Each song created ties back to family, friends, people, and places that he holds close to his heart and mind.

Released January 30, 2019 via

Produced by: Westley 'wave Groove' Ulit 
Album cover: Miles West

Bloodygums: LA is Trying To Kill Me @ Think Tank w/ Beat Cinema