Georgia Anne Muldrow - Overload [Brainfeeder]


An excited Flying Lotus shared news of Georgia Anne Muldrow’s signing to Brainfeeder earlier this year, prompting knowing smiles and ripples of anticipation amongst fans and commentators who recognised the perfect symbiosis of their musical pathways, heritage and spirituality.

Now, following her triumphant live set at the Hollywood Bowl in LA on Sunday (in support of FlyLo) Brainfeeder is proud to present a brand new track from Georgia titled ‘Overload’ - available to stream/download now. Produced by Mike & Keys (The Futuristiks), ‘Overload’ addresses “the process of building loving relationships in spite of the malfunctions of Western society” according to Georgia. (source)

Released June 20, 2018 on Brainfeeder

Above is Georgia Anne Muldrow's first rap EP. Released June 24, 2014. 



SWARVY - Anti-Anxiety [self released]

Anti-Anxiety features Ivan Ave, Jeremiah Jae, Zeroh, The Koreatown Oddity, lojii, Pink Siifu, Versis, Vida Jafari, and Nelson Bandela (formerly Norvis Junior). 

By now you know the production of Swarvy, musical polymath and Calidelphia incarnate - who has been perfecting his craft and releasing work modestly and assiduously over the past decade. He returns with Anti-Anxiety, his second vinyl release with Paxico following last year's fearless, left-field-of-left-field BOP. 

Here, we find a return to form and an ascension in his sound, which is so consistently and gracefully imbued with cosmic perspective and sublime, auroral warmth. This record is no exception and it shines in its totality of vision and cathartic affect. 

On the one hand, the title Anti-Anxiety rings true to the timeless, live-session quality of the production, which is brought here to near-sedative and corporeal effect. On another, it points toward a philosophy of creation and living in which there are no hindrances to a pure expression of the self. 

At the helm of all instrumentation, production, arranging, and engineering, Swarvy conducts everything so wholly and intimately that we approach zones so private and real, raw and focused, that each track feels as though it represents a different encounter in his life. This is represented very literally on tracks like “Lesson with Julian” which was produced as a demonstration during a private lesson for Swarvy’s student, Julian Apter, who is featured on guitar. 

On the lyrical front, he enlists the minds and talents of many fellow stylers, such as LA creatives Koreatown Oddity, Zeroh, and Jeremiah Jae, Norwegian rapper Ivan Ave, plus more frequent collaborators lojii, PInk Siifu, and Vida jafari - who all sequentially push the momentum of the record's storyline, as well as provide dreamy sparks of guidance for the imagination. 

In all its wit, candor and virtuosity, in its highest highs and moodiest lows, Anti-Anxiety uncovers a timeless snapshot of a man, with his instruments and machines, musing on everyday life and its holy rhythms. (source)

Releases July 6, 2018

Mitch von Arx - Pyramids [Project Mooncircle]

I’ve left the London madness to hit the reset button and compose new music in a tiny village in the Swiss Alps.
— Mitch von Arx

Pyramids. Jagged teeth pushing through immaculate skies. The ever-changing light. The expansive sense of freedom. The wide open spaces. The textured landscape seen from above. Mountains. Watchful and immobile for thousands of years, weathering seasons, transcending change. 

It's December 2016. I've left the London madness to hit the reset button and compose new music in a tiny village in the Swiss Alps. I'm over 10,000 feet high, it's minus 15 degrees and the snow is scintillating under a rich blue sky. I turn around and suddenly this gigantic pyramid-shaped peak is towering over me, staring me in the face. Mind blown. Senses overwhelmed. Perspective. Lightbulb moment. I have my album concept. 

I wanted to put into sound my cathartic experiences of the mountains. Every track title was chosen before composing. The title would be a catalyst for visual memories, narrative and overall vibes. I continued developing the tracks on occasional trips to Switzerland, but mainly back in the gritty habitat of London's Hackney Wick. The urban-nature contrast had an impact on the music too. 

I use a lot of found sound, stuff I have collected over the years, and a lot of resampled guitar sounds and textures. I love imperfections in sound. Detuned synths. Distortions and glitches. Rhythmic flutters and percussive frenzy. 'Manual' cut-ups. I love moving to house and disco and getting lost in the more melodic side of techno. I love polyrhythms and melodic counterpoints. I love the energy and rawness of a live rock band. I channel all this to create my own sonic palette.

-mitch von arx

More information:  

Releases August 28, 2018



Ferm Beats 'Season Series' is a Four Part Beat Tape [MoveCutClone Collective]

Ferm - Haru (春 1 of 4)

Ferm - Natsu  (夏 2 of 4)

Ferm - AKI (秋 3 of 4)

Ferm - Fuyu (冬 4 of 4)

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Perro Sucio - Perro Sucio 2 [Dealer of Illusions]

Perro Sucio 2 is a self titled sequel by Perro Sucio, known to many followers of the mexican underground scene as El Catorce. 

Perro Sucio continues his evolution in this release with pounding, raw music. Through the sonic lense of boom bap beats that slowly advance towards progressively more experimental and agressive motives, the listener gets a glimpse to this young producer's daily atmosphere. It's a like a stroll along dirty streets where you'll meet strange and distant characters. The smell of smoke and trash guide the way through this enigmatic sonic hood presented in Perro Sucio 2.

Released December 1, 2017 via


SwuM. - スモーク [Self Released]

At just 24, NYC beat maker SwuM., recently released a 25 track album titled スモーク. Since 2011, SwuM. has been releasing tracks on soundcloud and gaining a massive following with his first flip of MF DOOM hitting 2.4million plays. 

Listen through completely . Enjoy-- Let us know what u think below.

Released June 1, 2018 via